Netanyahu in a Special Statement: We Do Not Forget Why We Are Fighting

Following a difficult day in the Gaza Strip, during which eight IDF soldiers were killed, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a special statement to the nation this evening Saturday


In his remarks, Netanyahu expressed his deep sorrow over the heavy loss while emphasizing the importance of the campaign and Israel's determination to achieve its objectives.

"Citizens of Israel, today we paid another heart-wrenching price in our just war to defend our homeland," Netanyahu began. "With profound grief and heavy mourning, I bow my head along with all Israeli citizens and lament the fall of our heroic fighters." The Prime Minister mentioned by name the deputy company commander in the Engineering Battalion, Captain Wassim Mahmoud, and noted that the names of the other fallen soldiers have not yet been cleared for publication.


Photo: IDF content according to section 27a

Netanyahu stressed that despite the heavy toll, "we do not forget why we are fighting. We are fighting to ensure our existence and our future." He added that the campaign in Gaza is complex and difficult, and that "many challenges still lie ahead," but expressed confidence in Israel's ability to overcome them.

"Our enemies are mistaken if they think we will break," Netanyahu said firmly. "We will not relent and we will not stop until we achieve all the war's objectives: the elimination of Hamas, the return of all the hostages, and ensuring that Gaza will no longer pose a threat to Israel."

The Prime Minister conveyed a message of support to the bereaved families and the wounded, saying, "My heart is with the families in these difficult moments. I embrace you, and with me, all of Israel." He added, "We pray for the swift recovery of the wounded and are doing everything to ensure their well-being."

In conclusion, Netanyahu called for national unity and full backing of the security forces. "At this hour, it is more important than ever that we remain united and determined. We owe this to the memory of the fallen, to the families, and to the future of the State of Israel."

The Prime Minister's special statement comes amid a complex military operation in the Gaza Strip, as the IDF continues to act against Hamas's terrorist infrastructure. Security officials emphasize that despite the heavy losses, the campaign will continue until the strategic objectives defined by the political echelon are achieved.