Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich declares transfer of 130 million shekels from Palestinian Authority funds to terror victims

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich announced today (Thursday) that he has signed an order to transfer around 130 million shekels from the frozen funds of the Palestinian Authority to the families of terror victims
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The move comes in response to claims that the Palestinian Authority continues to reward terrorists and their families through cash payments.

In a post on his X account, Smotrich wrote: "Historic justice, the Palestinian Authority incentivizes and encourages terror by paying families of terrorists, prisoners and released prisoners." According to him, in line with court rulings requiring the Palestinian Authority to pay compensation to terror victims, it was decided to deduct these amounts from the PA's frozen funds and transfer them directly to the victim's families.


The Finance Minister's decision comes against the backdrop of increasing security tensions in the southern arena and Hamas' stringent demands for prisoner releases as part of a deal to free the captives held in the Gaza Strip. Smotrich called for completely halting negotiations with Hamas and "speaking to Sinwar from now on only with heavy fire on land, air and sea. This is the only way to win and return the captives."

This move to transfer funds to terror victims is expected to provoke outraged responses from the Palestinian Authority, which sees it as a continued cut in budgets transferred to it. However, many in Israel view it as historic justice and a justified step against the PA, which continues to support terror and terrorists.

The latest development illustrates the current government's hardline stance towards the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, and its willingness to take tough measures to secure the release of the captives and combat terror. At the same time, there are concerns that these steps could lead to further escalation and undermine the already faltering peace efforts.

Photo: Dim Amor (Main image Bezalel Smotrich)