A petition calls for Israel's withdrawal from the Eurovision Song Contest amid displays of anti-Semitism

The petition, initiated by Dim Amor, urges Israel to withdraw from the Eurovision singing competition, which has become a political arena for anti-Semitism and racism towards Israel over the years


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At the 2024 Eurovision hosted in Sweden, severe restrictions were imposed on Israel's representative, singer Eden Golan. Israelis and Jews were banned from displaying the Israeli flag during the competition. The Swedish organizers claimed the ban applied to all national symbols, but in reality, Israeli flags were specifically prohibited while flags of terrorist groups like Hamas were allowed.

Another painful fact: The 2023 winner Lauren (Lorine Zineb Norah Talhawi) refused to shake Eden Golan's hand in case of her victory, and again the organizers and European politicians remained silent.

Amor accuses the organizers of "face control" over song content, claiming Eurovision has lost its values of democracy and free speech. "This year, Europe humiliated Israel, and the people paid for it," he stated, referring to Israel's participation fees covered by public funds.

Two songs written for Golan were disqualified by Eurovision organizers. Professional jury members allegedly boycotted Israel for political reasons, giving 0 points, with only a few countries voting for Golan.

An absurd fact: 96% of participants ("singers") signed a petition against Israel, and again the organizers remained silent.

"Europe is putting the Jews in a ghetto again – history repeats itself, only this time Europe is trying to put an entire country into a ghetto," Amor stated.

The petition calls on Israel to withdraw because the competition has lost its representation as a cultural and artistic event, becoming a political arena.

It is intended to be sent to Israel's Ministers of Culture and Communications, and the Prime Minister's Office.