The Pigs Among Us: "Animal Farm" at the Cameri Exposes the Bitter Truth

The Cameri Theater is currently staging "Animal Farm" directed by Ran Liel Shahaf, a play that exposes painful truths about our society through a sharp and blunt allegory


Actor Nir Manki, the sole performer on stage, brilliantly portrays all the animal characters on the farm, revealing the hypocrisy and corruption in our surroundings.

Based on George Orwell's classic novel, the play depicts how the pigs become oppressive and hypocritical rulers no less than the humans they expelled. In a satirical and obedient way, the play compares the pigs' conduct to that of political leaders and various governing systems.

In an impressive solo performance, Manki succeeds in virtuosically portraying a range of diverse characters. He smoothly transitions between the clever and cruel pig Napoleon to the simple and naive Boxer. Each character is distinctly and clearly represented through the conventions of the one-person show.

The production shows that even a solo performance can be rich and multi-layered. It does not shy away from exposing the ugly faces of human society and the shallowness of power. "Animal Farm" is a biting socio-political critique, reminding us that the pigs among us often wallow in the mud.