The Operation to Rescue the Hostages in Gaza – Operation Arnon

Arnon Zamora lost his life during a complex military operation to rescue four Israeli hostages from the heart of Gaza - Noa Argamanti, Almog Meir, Shlomi Ziv and Andrei Kozlov
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In Jerusalem, it was decided that the operation would be called "Operation Arnon" after the elite unit fighter Arnon Zamora, who fell during the dangerous operation.

Zamora, 36, was the first to break into the apartment in the Gaza Strip where the Palestinian militants were holding the Israeli hostages. In the fateful battle with a Palestinian militant, Zamora was critically wounded and four hours later he was pronounced dead, leaving behind a wife, two children, a brother and two sisters.

Zamora was a Naval Commando team commander who had fought a week earlier at the Yad Mordechai junction, when a Hamas militant cell broke into Israeli territory. In intense fighting, his force managed to kill 37 militants and prevent them from advancing northward into Judea and Samaria.


"It was clear that Arnon was a determined and brave fighter who was not afraid to engage the militants even in the most difficult situations," said Amir Ofer, a former Sayeret Matkal fighter who participated in the Entebbe operation and knew Zamora. "When I saw his name on the list of Naval Commando fighters who broke into Gaza, I knew he would do everything to save the hostages".

The Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Halevi, noted that "great appreciation also goes to the other unit fighters who acted with great courage and professionalism in the complex rescue operation. It is difficult to find words to express my appreciation for their determined actions throughout the campaign against Hamas".


An IDF statement said: "Arnon, may he rest in peace, a brave and ethical fighter and officer, 36 years old, left behind a wife and two children. He led the battle at the Yad Mordechai junction on October 7, eliminating dozens of militants and thus preventing the militants from advancing northward. He then continued fighting in the battle at the Nahal Oz base and in Be'eri. Arnon, may he rest in peace, was part of the force that broke into the apartment where the hostages who were returned to Israel were being held. He was critically wounded during the confrontation and died in the hospital".

Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai: "In line with the story of our revival as a people and a state, the price is heavy and unfortunately, we were informed of the death of Naval Commando fighter Arnon Zamora, may his memory be blessed, a relentless commander and fighter, a fighter who with his body completed the mission to free the hostages and return them to their families' embrace. On behalf of the Israel Police, I wish to express condolences to the family of this hero of Israel – may his memory be blessed".