Israel Placed on UN's "Blacklist" Alongside ISIS and Russia

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced this evening (Friday) to Israel's Ambassador to the UN
United Nations


Gilad Erdan, that Israel has been added to the organization's "blacklist" – a list of countries and armed groups that have not taken sufficient measures to protect children in conflict zones. Alongside Israel on the list are Russia, ISIS, and al-Qaeda.

In an unprecedented move, the United Nations has placed Israel on par with the most extreme terrorist organizations and repressive regimes in the world. In an official report released today, the State of Israel was equated with ISIS and Russia, which is committing horrific war crimes in Ukraine and is responsible for the destruction of many cities and the cruel massacre of innocent civilians.

Reactions in Israel and among its friends around the world were swift to come. "This is an outrageous and ludicrous equation that cannot go unnoticed", said an official source. "The UN has crossed a red line today and displayed ugly double standards".

Guterres' chief of staff informed Erdan of the IDF's inclusion in the UN Secretary-General's report as a "party to the conflict that committed violations against children." The Israeli ambassador sharply attacked the decision, arguing that "the one who belongs on the blacklist is the Secretary-General himself, who encourages terrorism and whose decisions are motivated by hatred of Israel. The IDF is the most moral army in the world. The Secretary-General should be ashamed of himself, as his decisions only give hope to terrorists to survive, encourage them to use children for terror, and prolong the war".

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also strongly condemned the decision, saying: "The UN put itself on the blacklist of history today by joining the supporters of the Hamas murderers. The IDF is the most moral army in the world, and no insane UN decision will change that".

The decision to place Israel on the UN's "blacklist" constitutes a severe step against the State of Israel, placing it in the company of extreme organizations and terror-sponsoring states. The decision has been met with strong condemnation from Israel, which sees it as an expression of anti-Semitism and blatant bias against it on the international stage.

In April, Guterres refrained from adding the Hamas organization to the blacklist of organizations committing sexual violence in conflict areas, a move that drew harsh criticism from Israel. The current decision to place Israel on the dramatic list, along with terrorist organizations and Russia, further heightens tensions between Israel and the UN.

The decision is expected to continue to make waves on the international stage and within Israel itself, where it is seen as a grievous blow to its standing and the justification of its path in the fight against terror and the protection of its citizens. Further heated exchanges of accusations between Israel and the UN can be expected in the coming days, as well as a further escalation in the already high tensions between the two sides.

Benjamin Netanyahu: "The UN put itself today on history's black list when it adopted the absurd claims of Hamas. The IDF is the most moral military in the world and no "flat earth" decision by the UN secretary general can change that".